Sell Engagement Rings

Marriage can be a fascinating and wonderful institution. However, with more young people waiting longer to get married, there is a slimmer market for engagement rings. Add a divorce rate of around 50% and there many people looking to sell engagement rings, in addition to those looking to buy them. Whether you decide to sell your ring because your honey bought you an upgrade or because you are no longer with that special someone, when the time comes, it is important to find a buyer who will offer you a fair price for your engagement ring.

Where to Sell Engagement Ring

As demand for diamonds increases worldwide, the diamond buying market has also become a worldwide stage. There are offices across the globe that will buy your diamonds. With the increased efficiency of the internet this has provided an opportunity for buyers to work with well-known and long established global companies, to sell their diamonds and receive the highest price possible.

Countries like China have greatly contributed to the increased demand for diamonds. This means that moving beyond your local dealers will provide additional options for getting the most for your engagement rings. These online diamond buyers are able to purchase your rings, reset them into new designs and then resell them to buyers all over the world. Most will also pay you for the setting whether the ring is set in gold, silver or platinum.

Having this high level of access to buyers, increases the amount they are willing to pay for used diamond rings. The diamond market is like the gold market. Prices fluctuate daily based on supply and demand. This makes it hard for consumers to make an apples to apples comparison on what a company will offer for their rings.

How to Buy

As a result working with a reputable online company is perhaps the most important decision a seller will make. It is important to find a business that you trust. One that is responsive to your questions and specific with their answers. Do a little research on their website and then contact them to clarify any questions you have. If you have trouble communicating before they have your engagement ring, imagine how hard it will be after you have mailed them your precious stone.

When contacting an online company prepare a few important questions. These may be related to the process and how long it will take to evaluate your diamonds worth and how long it takes to get paid. It is also important to understand the valuation process. This is what will determine what they will pay for your ring. What are the qualifications of the appraisers? Are they GIA certified? Once a value has been established, what percentage do they offer to you, the seller? These questions will help you select the best online diamond buyer, who will give you the most for your ring.

Selling an engagement ring can be an emotional process. Online buyers will provide you with an efficient process that will provide you with the closure you are seeking.